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...Here we go again!

After our Shutterfly site failed out last year, I attempted to recreate it using Facebook and a new private page on the site. All this info is nice but I feel that we're still very disjointed, communications are getting missed and people are out of the loop. After speaking with someone yesterday who communicated similar feelings, I had a brilliant idea... CREATE A NEW SHUTTERFLY SITE! I think I was partly (, largely!) very angry at Shutterfly and their lack of customer service surrounding this application but it worked. And I miss it.

We return to Shutterfly with a new name and a fresh start. I think the facebook group has been useful and I'll keep that active and post updates there. The private page on may slowly phase out and I start updating the new shutterfly page. You should get an invitation to the shutterfly page this afternoon. The invites will go out to all emails that are in the jackrabbit registration system. If you, your dancer or another family member has a preferred email that is not in jackrabbit, they can email me or visit the site and invite themselves.

The first major point of business... St. Patrick's Day Performance Sign Ups!

I've consolidated all of the sign ups in shutterfly. If the sign up list was full or nearly full, I've left the link to the sign up genius in the comments of the sign up. New sign ups or lists that still need significant filling are left open. Same rules apply as previously - one dancer per line, no adding lines without permission, no deleting lines, etc.

Parade RSVP and T-Shirt Orders - All dancers who are participating in the parades need to have a 2018 Parade shirt. Parents, siblings, friends who are walking are welcome to wear the shirt, too but are not required. Complete this order form by Feb 26 to get your parade shirts! You're welcome to pay in person but I'll bill everyone through Jackrabbit and it'll be included in your March tuition if I don't receive payment prior to March 15.

That's all for now. If you have any questions or think some info is missing, let me know!

Bridgid | 913-982-7716

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