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Injury Treatment & Prevention

I am so happy to have our BioFit team back in the studio!  Not only are Kim and Justin here to help prevent injuries but Justin is also available to help asses and treat some injuries.  If your dancer is injured or in pain, please do not wait until the day of class to say something!  

Biofit-Therapy Based Fitness (Kim and Justin Prier) is excited to start off this year with Driscoll dancers!! 

Our goal is to let the dancers enjoy Irish dancing to the fullest through injury prevention and strengthening of their bodies. Each week we will be working on mobility, balance, coordination, strength and power. Inevitably with competition, minor injuries can occur. 

If your child has a problem that is holding them back from performing at their best, Justin is happy to talk with you and your dancer about the best way to heal. Part of Justin’s expertise is balancing muscle contractions that can be the root cause of strains and sprains during activities. We are able to look at these in and around Biofit class times to come up with a plan of action at 50% cost for Driscoll school dancers. Please contact Justin prior to class if you’d like to set up a time (816) 304-0475. 

In Health,

Justin Prier, PT, MSPT, MAT, PES

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