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Ceili Time! Still Need Help...

Hello Driscoll Dancers!

This info is going out on a lovely pink handout this week but, as I was handing out last night, I realized some very important info was missing! So, if you need the link to buy tickets and volunteer, they are included below.

INFO IN THIS MESSAGE: Link to Tickets, Link to Volunteer, General Ceili Update, Ceili Performance Schedule (Important for dancers!)

The Ceili is Saturday, Feb 3.


Pierson community Center

Your ticket includes dinner, drinks, live music and ceili dancing! Vegetarian food options available. Additional perks include access to an amazing host of silent auction items and a kids area. The Ceili tab at is updated as well. Please refer your friends to the site and invite them to come!

If you still have donation questions, please contact Sarah Crowe -


We have lots of events coming up soon! Whether you are a new dancer, or have been dancing for years, we want to see you out at the Ceili! If you’ve not been before, it’s a lot of fun for everyone. Great music, great food, great dancing – by both Driscoll dancers, as well as the crowd! Get your tickets now! Food and beverage are included.

What makes the event great is the help of the families. Many have brought contributions to the class baskets. That helps a lot! Invite friends, invite family – people from outside the scope of the Irish dance world will still have a great time.

Please go out to the signup sheet Sarah Crowe made and volunteer. It doesn’t need to be a long shift, but we need help! Some of the most important spots we need filled are:

Front registration to take tickets. Most people will have already purchased their tickets online. A few will still need to purchase…

Bar – we NEED 6-8 people running the bar for the first 1 ½ hours. After that, it can step back a little (4 minimum).

Check out – we need 3-4 people who will refrain from lots of libation to be able to collect payment for the auction items. We have 3 devices to run credit cards, and we will take cash and checks. There will be 2 checkout times, so please read the signup carefully!

Setup/cleanup – what can I say? It needs to be done!

All money raised at the Ceili helps cover the cost of the Irish dance competition DSID hosts, the Sunflower Feis!

Volunteer signups will be coming for helping at the Feis. Again, it takes all of us to pull off a great event. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what it is or have never attended. A willingness to help, a friendly word and smile, and ready to roll up your sleeves if asked, are all we are asking.

The Sunflower Feis is the ONLY feis in the state of Kansas. We are proud of that! People like our feis and have mentioned many times how friendly everyone is, the nice venue, and how they want to return!

Thanks for your help!

The Feis/Ceili committee

Driscoll Dancers Ceili Performance

Hello dancers! Check below for performance times and rough line-up of our ceili dances. Each class has been learning a different ceili dance and will be “Ambassadors” for others when we invite everyone to join in. Please note estimated times so your dancer (and you!) can be prepared. Parents, friends and other guests are an important part of our ceili dances. Wear clothes (and shoes!) that are comfortable for jumping around!

6:00-7:00 – Jump 2-3

Ceili Dances: Siege of Carrick (Beginner I class), Haymaker’s Jig (Beginner II, Prizewinner class)

7:00-7:30 – Driscoll Dancers!

Pre-Beginner, New Beginner, Beginner I, Beginner II, Novice class dancers,

2-Hands from Teams class

Champ dancers – for side stage assistance

Bring your soft shoes and hard shoes (if you have them) and wear something comfortable to dance in. DSID Shirts, green or Irish tops are welcome! Black bottoms preferred (leggings, skorts, skirts with playground shorts). Check in with Bridgid at 6:30 PM downstairs in the front hall.

7:30-8:30 – Ceili on the Prairie

Ceili Dances: Antrim Reel (Novice class), An Rince Mor (Novice/Prizewinner class)

8:30-9:00 – Driscoll Dancers!

Novice/Prizewinner, Prizewinner, Champs & Adults

4-Hands and new routine from Teams class

School or solo costumes. Girls - Pony & poof or hair pulled ‘half-up’. Check in with Bridgid at 7:30 downstairs in the front hall.

9:00-10:00 – Chance the Arm

Ceili Dances: Rakes of Mallow (Novice/Prizewinner class), Walls of Limerick, Siege of Ennis, Bonfire Dance


Thank you Thank you Thank you for everything you do to make the

DSID Ceili and the Sunflower Feis a success!!!

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