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Happy February!

First off, a ginormous thank you to everyone who supported the ceili this past weekend! Sarah Crowe and Jennie Cronin deserve a huge pat on the back and a hug for the amount of work that went in to coordinating all the details but we really couldn't have created such a fantastic event without everyone who donated, attended, set up, clean up, bid generously and danced wildly! So, THANK YOU!

We have a lot coming up this next month and a half so be sure to check the DSID Family page and Facebook group often.

And, I have some Big News! ...but you'll have to read to the end to find out!


Kim & Justin return to the studio this Tuesday, February 5 for BioFit. Class sessions are 5:00-6:00 for dancers U11 and under and 6:00-7:00 for dancers U12 and older. Dancers in Novice/Prizewinner, Prizewinner and Champ class levels are automatically enrolled in the class at no additional cost to your tuition. If you don't see it added to your registration, let me know.

Dancers in other class levels who would like to enroll are welcome to join! The cost is $20 per month or $5 for drop in sessions.


I've updated the DSID Family page and will have all performances updated on the google calendar as well. Our first performance (as of now!) is Irish Winterfest on Feb 24. Each sign up indicates class levels eligible. I encourage each dancer to try to get to at least 1-2 performances through the season. Remember, performance fees all go to the costume fund and have made it so that I have not felt the need to charge rental fees for over 3 years! They're also a great time to practice your steps, have an outing with your dance friends and really brighten the day of someone who may otherwise not have many visitors. Thank you for volunteering to perform!


In preparation of our lease coming to an end this month, I've been doing some shopping (since September!) to find a studio location that meets all of our requirements for dance space, family space and storage and maybe saves a little money in the process. After two failed attempts, I think that I have us a new location! It's close to our current studio and I'll have more details as I finalize some info with contracting and build out within the space. More details to come but something to look forward to in the coming months!

I'll be in touch soon with more info on Parades and our upcoming move!


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