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St. Pat's Prep, Spring Session, Summer Camps

This is from the Feb 27 Email that went out to all families...

Hello Driscoll Dancers!

There is a LOT to do in the next couple weeks.

Please read all the info to make sure you are covered!

Winter Session Ends March 8 / Spring Session Starts March 19

With the exception of our snow day make up class on March 13, there are no regular classes March 9-17. We will be in full swing performance/parade mode.

All dancers in Pre-Beginner, New Beginner and the Saturday Adult Beginner have been automatically enrolled in the Spring Session to ensure your spot is reserved. You are not obligated to continue but we sure hope you will! If you would not like to continue with classes at this time, please message me and I'll drop your enrollment. Dancers in all other class levels do not need to register again.


If you have not ordered your parade t-shirt, there's still time! I've extended the deadline to March 1 - CLICK HERE TO ORDER. The imprints should be shipping today so (fingers crossed!), I'll be pressing all day on Friday and will have shirts to deliver to our parade practice on Saturday and then at classes next week. You can pay for your shirt in person upon delivery OR you will be billed through Jackrabbit as 'Parade Practice'

Parade practice is NOT mandatory to participate in a parade but you do need to attend if you'd like to participate in the show routine we do for the judges. As of this moment, there are a total of 5 dancers registered for the practice this weekend. I could use some more dancers!

We'll practice the parade routine in class next week and all dancers are invited to join us at any/all parades. Dancers 5 and under are not expected to march the parade with us and will have priority seating on the trailer.

I've added a Parades tab to Shutterfly with all of the details for attire, arrival etc. for each parade. I'll post our line up locations there as they are finalized.


I'm still adding performances to the Shutterfly - When you click on a sign up, if there is a link to Sign Up Genius, then that sign up was created prior to the shutterfly being created and I didn't want to mess with creating a new sign up. ALL NEW SIGN UPS ARE IN SHUTTERFLY.

The New Shutterfly

Everyone received an invite earlier this week but there are still a LOT of invites still pending. If you didn't see the email or need me to add a different email account, please let me know! Again - - See you there!


Only two months behind schedule... Summer Camps are available for registration! Well, some of them are. New Beginner Camps are getting added as we speak and I'm still working on some options for Teams and Performance practices.

To view a full line up, Click Here. Or just visit your Jackrabbit Parent Portal and find them under Enrollment, 2018 Summer Camps.

As always, if there's something you think I missed, let me know!

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