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A Ceili for a Feis!

2018 DSID Ceili is February 3, 2018!

This means once class starts back up we will have less than a month to get ready. It will be at Pierson Community center once again. It will enclude food, drinks, silent auction, live music, and dancing! Tickets are available online at and are $20 in advance $15 for kids 5 and under. They will be $25 at the door. Dancers do need a ticket. We will have a prize for the dancer that sells the most tickets. Make sure to tell your friends to enter your students name in the "how did you hear about the event" section when ordering tickets.

Remember this is our big fundraiser for the Sunflower Feis so the more people we can get there the better. Share this event with your friends and family. Sharing our Facebook Event page is a great start but a personal message or reaching out directly will be the most successful in getting new faces in the door!

The Ceili can't happen without volunteers. We will have a volunteer sheet soon so please keep an eye out for it. As part of the silent auction we will have class baskets. We will start collecting once classes start back after the break.


  • Pre beginners/new beginners- family night

  • Beginner 1/beginner 2 - Chocolate

  • Novice/prize winner - Kansas City

  • Prize winner-BBQ

  • PC/Champion- breakfast/brunch

  • Adult-stock the bar

...And that brings us to the 2018 Sunflower Feis Planning is already underway. It's happening April 14th at the Overland Park Convention Center. This year a $500 scholarship will be offered through the Irish Arts of Kansas and dancers will be able to apply for it in the new year. Details will be on the Sunflower Feis website soon.

Also, looking for a tax deduction at the end of the year please consider giving to the Irish Arts of Kansas by visiting

The success of the Feis depends upon the help of many people. Weather its volunteering the day of, setting up, helping at the ceili, donating, bringing a group of friends to attend, or participating in the auction all these contribute to the collective success!

Thank you!

Sarah Crowe

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