Inclement Weather - No Classes :(

Good morning Driscoll Dancers!

Our Winter Session is in full swing...with a snow day?! Such a bummer!!

Classes are cancelled for today, Thursday, January 11. That's New Beginner 4:00-5:00, Novice/Prizewinner 5:00-6:30 and Prizewinner 6:30-8:00. With a lot of teens and families driving across town in that later group, I didn't want to risk anything unnecessarily.

New Beginner dancers - We'll have an amazing first day next week! Your make-up class will be later in the session, after we get some of our basics covered. I'll get an idea from everyone then on what availability is for a make-up date.

Novice/Prizewinner and Prizewinner dancers may attend an alternative class day some time through the session. Your make-up class day MUST be scheduled in advance. Some of the classes are already at capacity and I will only accept a few make-ups per class so as not to overwhelm the classes.

If you haven't already checked out the Student Handbook, it's located on the family page in the General Info section. And if you've been checking on your mobile and couldn't find things, I've updated the links so the menu at the top should actually take you down the page to the Calendar, Info and Videos, now.

Have a safe and warm day!

Bridgid Driscoll, TCRG | c.913-982-7716

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