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Meet Our Team

Bridgid Driscoll

Owner, Primary Instructor, Choreographer


I started dancing at age 5 in upstate New York and, immediately, I was hooked.  You couldn't get my feet to stop dancing!  I loved to dance with my two younger sisters and multiple cousins at performances and feiseanna.

My parents had the audacity to move our family several times as I was growing up which, while at the time felt uprooting, allowed me the opportunity to grow under the instruction of Irish dance greats such as Eddie Murphy (Drumcliffe School, NY), Noreen and Micheal Smith (Smith Houlihan, MA), Maureen Healy (Healy School, MA) and Mary McGing (McGing, OH), performing and competing in feiseanna and Oireachtasi along the way in multiple regions. 

We finally settled in my high school years in Kansas where I studied with the Belle of Kansas City herself, Christine O'Riada. It was with Christine that I had time to settle in and advanced competetively. She also allowed me the opportunity to assist in classes.  Being a generally shy person, I was surprised how much joy and confidence I felt when teaching the younger dancers.

However, feeling absolutely certain that teaching was not in my future, I went off to college at K-State and joined the rowing team as a coxswain.  I was a coxswain for KSU and the University of East Anglia, UK, while on a study abroad, earned a bachelors in English and Creative Writing, met my now husband and settled in to a 'big girl' job.  I continued to assist Christine with classes until I was called to 'do big things' on my own and took the leap to start my own classes and eventually leave the corporate world.

I'm now teaching and dancing most days of the week alongside my spunky, adorable daughter and some of the most amazing women I have ever met. This has truly been the adventure of a lifetime and a joy to share something I love with so many wonderful people along the way.


Erinn Lewis



Erinn brings a great enthusiasm for her students and Irish dance.  Erinn grew up dancing with Mary McGing (though she and Brigid never crossed paths in Ohio!). She joined the Driscoll School in 2015 after a chance meeting at a Kansas City Irish Center event where Bridgid spotted her McGing Irish dance bag. 

She proudly started the Irish Dance Club at the University of Ohio where she studied theater.

Erinn is also a certified personal trainer, avid student of all things dance, including starting hip hop and ballet as a 'big kid', and dog lover.


Annie Stark



Annie impatiently waited for Bridgid to open her school and began Irish dance at age 13, following in the footsteps of her mom and many aunts and cousins before her.  Showing her dedication, determination and ingenuity, Annie once spent an entire summer as a crew mate on a tour boat in New York in order to be more accessible to feiseanna!  Annie competed in numerous Oireachtas and North American Championships in both solos and teams.

In addition to her excellent dance career, she is an accomplished violinist and currently teaches Irish fiddle and performs with several Irish bands in the Kansas City area.  


Paige Kelly



Paige began her Irish dance career at age 9 with the Walsh Kelley School, NC, and quickly rose to the top of her age group at the Southern Region Oireachtas.  She then moved to Wisconsin and danced with the Trinity Academy.

After several injuries, Paige was forced to retire early from competitive Irish dance but kept her enthusiasm.  After relocating to Kansas City with her husband, Paige reached out to Bridgid to inquire about getting involved again.  A testament to her dedication, Paige joined the Driscoll School and spent her first six months completely on zoom due to the Covid epidemic and still wanted to dance with us!

We love her passion and dedication to each of her students.


Hailey Wank


Hailey began dancing at age 9 with Christine O'Riada. Hailey saw much competitive success throughout her dance career competing on the Worlds Stage on multiple occasions and toured the US with the Trinity Irish Dance company. She began teaching with Bridgid in 2011.  Hailey is a full time nurse practitioner and mom to three amazing kiddos.  She can often be seen cheering side stage for her Irish dancing daughter and fiddle playing son. 

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