virtual ST. patrick's day performance fundraiser

Available for purchase or rental any time after March 17, 2021

The Driscoll Irish Dancers put on a socially distanced virtual performance to bring the joy of St. Patrick's Day to you!


A normal year for the Driscoll Irish Dancers is full of performances, festivals and parades.  As we approach our second season without St. Patrick's Day festivities, we are feeling this loss deeply.  Not only financially, as performances are our primary source of income to our costume fund, but we really miss our community.  The many Irish events around town are like family reunions with our friends.  We are also missing the friends we see each year when we perform for assisted living facilities and private events.  And we miss the busy performance days spent with our dance class friends as we travel from one event to the next.


This performance was an opportunity for our own Driscoll Irish Dance community to come together for a day, put on our costumes and share what we love.  We hope you enjoy it!


All proceeds go to the Driscoll School of Irish Dance costume fund which supplies Driscoll school costumes at no cost to our dance families, stipends to dancers attending Irish dance majors and studio staging upgrades. 


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OCTOBER 24, 2021


fundraiser AT THE SPEEDWAY