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Dress Code

All Levels

  • All dancers need their own water bottle and hair secured out of their face.

  • Modest athletic attire is requested at all class levels.  This includes t-shirts, sleeveless tops, shorts, skorts and leggings.

  • No oversized, baggy clothing. 

  • No jeans. 

  • No booty shorts.

  • No crop tops or bare midriff.

New Beginner

  • Any type of socks or ballet slippers

Adult Intro

  • Socks, ballet slippers or light weight sneakers (must be clean)

Advanced Beginner / Beginner I

  • Poodle Socks

  • Soft Shoes (Arrive with shoes on and tied)

Beginner II

  • Poodle Socks

  • Soft Shoes

  • Beginner hardshoes

Novice, Prizewinner, Championship

  • Poodle Socks

  • Soft Shoes

  • Hardshoes

  • Notebook and pen

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