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Arrive Early!!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all this weekend in Arkansas! River Valley and Ozark Mountain have posted their feis schedules on feisworx BUT the times may not be 100% accurate! They are hoping to get grades started by 1:30 PM. Please arrive EARLY so as not to hold up any competitions or miss dances. Parents, please make sure you’re arriving a minimum of 1 hour in advance of your estimated competition time. The dancers NEED this time to warm up and focus. This means hair and makeup are done BEFORE the warm-up hour. And, since you’ll be arriving early, encourage your dancer to WATCH the champ competitions. Not only is is nice to cheer on your Driscoll friends but watching the top dancers is one way to learn how to get there. We have 39 dancers attending the feis this weekend, which puts us as the school with the greatest number of dancers in attendance. Since we are such a large presence, please remind your dancers to stay focused and put their best foot forward both on stage and off. Good feis etiquette goes a long way! Remember that most dancers do not check their results until the end of the day, so it’s good practice NOT to tell another dancer of a result. The best way to check is ask “How did you do today?” This lets the dancer or parent have the opportunity to tell you if they have or haven’t checked yet. And, as always, the only comments we make about results at the feis are positive. Whether we’re talking about our own results, someone else’s results, or the results of our own children, kindness and positivity matter. Save the judgements for the adjudicators and critiques for your TCs back in the studio 😉 See you Saturday!

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