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Let's Reconnect!

I didn't realize how much the Shutterlfy site had become part of my daily routine and how I connect with all of my Driscoll Dancers. Losing it definitely made me appreciate the convenience of the message board and the easy sign up sheets. And since I didn't plan to say goodbye to Shutterfly, I didn't have anything planned as a back up. So, it's on to new adventures! Let's see how this all works out!

As I'm building this New DSID Family Share Site, I'm learning more as I go and discovering new options to create the easiest and most convenient ways to share info and communicate with everyone. Getting in touch without getting lost in your inbox is hard! And I don't want to be annoying.

In an attempt to make this new form of communication accessible but not overwhelming, I've got a couple new options. Subscribe to this blog! You'll get an email when a new message is posted and I'll try to post whenever something is added or updated on the DSID Family Site. I'll send ShoutOut messages when something is very important but will try to keep those to 3 or less per month. These will be pretty emails! I'll occasionally send messages through JackRabbit when I absolutely need to connect with everyone who is enrolled. These are not pretty emails! Be sure to add to your email contacts. That way I won't be in your junk mail when I do send out those important messages!

I've also added a Forum! This is a place where you can connect, too! There are a few sub-categories to start with to help keep thoughts organized. Be sure to check it out if you have a question, something for sale or want to share anything with the rest of the DSID Family.

Did you know our new calendar is a google calendar? You can add it directly to your phone or google calendar!

As we go, tell me what you like/don't like, what's working, what could be added... I want this page to be a great place for all of us to Reconnect!

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